About John Bazemore

Beware John’s smile, laughter, hugs and spirit is contagious. John will truly go the extra mile for all of our clients. You will see him daily stretching someone out, giving personal training tips, meeting groups on his off day to give them extra running and drill training.

John first joined TFC in 2010 with his wife and 4 kids. As he puts it they were all unhealthy eaters. They would drink 2 gallons of McDonald’s sweet tea daily. John suffered a stroke and knew he had to radically change he and his families life. John took this challenge so serious that I saw a swift change in his lifestyle, dedication to fitness and drive to improve his health. John started running and hasn’t stopped. You will find him signed up for multiple 5k, 10k, half marathons etc in a years period. John is in our Hall of Fame with the most male sit ups in the history of TFC, “114” in 2 minutes.

John became a trainer at TFC in 2013. He is “Mr. Creativity” and if you’ve ever been to one of his classes you would understand. No two classes are the same. He makes every class feel like fun adventurous adult playground. His WORKTIME class is always packed. You will also find him training in the bootcamp several days a week.

John received his bachelors of science from Morris Brown. He’s been a teacher for 26 years and has won Teacher of the Year for the Atlanta Public School District twice. John has also been a Boy Scout leader for 21 years in which he also won South Atlanta Troop Leader of the Year.

John has been married for 21 years. All of their children have graduated from college with either a bachelors and or masters. He’s a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma. Some fun facts about John…John ushers at his church, he loves old school music and dancing. He can’t live without his old school Chevy’s and he’s an only child who is truly a mommas boy.

We affectionately call John our camp husband. I thank his wife often for sharing him because personally I don’t know what I would do without him. He fixes any and everything around TFC from clogged toilets, to leaking pipes. John is a jack of all trades and masters them all. I’m fortunate to have him on Team Tadda and proud to call him my friend. I love you John. No Mess