About Ricky Henderson

I like to introduce Ricky to the clients as “the quiet storm.” He’s not a man of many words when he hits the stage however his workouts are a beast and speak volumes. For 5 1/2 years Ricky has been teaching at TFC.

Ricky is the creator of one of our most popular class called WORKTIME. You will often hear him say, “WORKTIME let’s go!” Ricky killed it when he brought P90x and CardioKickboxing to TFC along with Josh. You will find Ricky weekly teaching kickboxing or helping out with the bootcamp.

When Ricky was a client he truly was what I like to call a trainers dream client. He never gave me any problems…truly No Mess. He was always willing to help others and was very competitive in a motivating way. Matter of fact Ricky joined TFC because his best friend Terrell S. Gibbs had done a camp and became our biggest loser. He was so impressed by his transformation that he decided he wanted a change as well. To this day Ricky left a mark and set the bar for the expectation of a Red Team member. I’m hard on them because he made it look so easy. Ricky always gives 200% in anything he does. Rickys goal was to improve his run and he surpassed that goal and started challenging himself with adventurous competitions like the Rugged Maniac.

Ricky has been married for 18 years. He has two children Colin and Tyler who you will see often working out at TFC. Just this morning at 5AM, Colin was running with the bootcamp racing his dad to the finish line. Ricky has also coached a few of his sons sport teams.

Ricky has a bachelors in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Ricky played collegiate football and is a proud member of Omega Psi Phi, fraternity. In his leisure time Ricky loves to ride his Harley and to go fishing.

When I needed insurance coverage for my business I went to the best, Ricky suggested coverage on things that others never suggested. Ricky has been an insurance broker for over 16 years, he’s the CEO/Owner of The Henderson Group. Support his business you will not be disappointed.

Ricky thank you for setting the bar, supporting me and TFC is every way. As we know I am always hyped up and I appreciate your calmness, your insight and your work ethic. I adore you and do do the clients. No Mess

Certifications- Group Fitness, P90x, and Insanity