About Sonni Green

Sonni Green

Sonni joined TFC like many other men do, “to support their wives”. Sonni actually told me that he’s already a runner and that the bootcamp won’t help him much. Sonni was humbled quickly when much older woman were running past him with ease. Oh and I guess the 30 LBs he lost wasn’t needed either. Check out his before and after pic. We laugh about this story now🤣🤣🤣 because Sonni realized he wasn’t in the shape he thought he was in however he took control and transformed his life completely.

As a client he has the 5th fastest runtime in the history of TFC. He’s won Most Fit and is of course in our Hall of Fame for second most male sit ups. He once won a burpee challenge in flip flops against 40+men.

Prior to TFC Sonni had never run a marathon in his life. He’s now completed 7 marathons. The one I love the most is the Detroit Marathon. The one I’m most proud of is the Boston marathon, he qualify for it after running only two marathons. This was very hard to do yet he set a goal, trained hard and he did that.

Sonni became our run club trainer 3 years ago. You will find him often in the bootcamp being the rabbit and trust me you won’t catch him. He’s also the founder of our Cardio WORKTIME. He’s also a certified run coach and an officiate for the USTAF Track Association.

Sonni has been married for 20 years to La Channell who also found success at TFC. Sonni has 3 children. You will find his daughter Hadiyah volunteering at our cafe’ and she’s also in our bootcamp, check out the picture from this morning with her holding up her dad.

Sonni has a Bachelors in IT and a Masters in Operational Management. He’s currently a Senior Manager Support for Career Builders.

I love Sonni’s analytical mind, his passion for running and his tailored clothing. Sonni knows he be clean. Sonni thank you so much for helping up get our first 5K off the ground. We couldn’t have done it without your expertise. Sonni I adore you and super proud to have you on Team Tadda.

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RRCA Certified Coach