About Darryl

One year ago this month I met Darryl L Singleton and he changed my life. Last year I had 4 hospitalizations in 4 months and 2 abdominal surgeries in 2 months. I lost 22 LBs, mostly muscle. I have an umbilical hernia and I was severely anemic and needed 2 iron infusions. Needless to say I felt and looked like crap. I not only needed to get Tadda back I needed to be “Super T”!

Darryl came highly recommended as a personal trainer. He had competed inthe Lee Haney bodybuilding competition and medaled very well. I was I interested in getting into heavy lifting and needed someone who could push “Tadda” to the next level.

I knew Darryl and I were the perfect match because not only is Darryl a big Cosplay enthusiasts he was super pumped about my “Super T” idea. Not everyone understood what “Super T” was all about however he got it immediately.

Darryl is a native of Atlanta, he’s been training for 9 years. I eat very well however when I met “Mr. Food Prep King” himself, I had a totally different outlook on protein. When I implemented all of Darryl’s meal prep advice into my life I started seeing muscles pop out all over my body. I could actually see Super T happening. Darryl says his favorite thing about training is lifting weights and building muscle. He says could spend all day in the gym.

Darryl has been a firefighter for 11 years. Darryl was recently honored with “The Exceptional Merit Award” for saving a family out a burning apartment building, along with a “Life Save Award” for bringing a women back from cardiac arrest by doing effective CPR.

Darryl has been married to Marisha for 11 years and they have a 6 year old daughter, Bailey.

Darryl is truly one of a kind. I’ve never seen him have a bad day. He’s a beast of a trainer and a kind hearted friend. He’s a man of his word and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. If my schedule got a little crazy he would send me workout/assignments and would hold me accountable for completing them.

Darryl made my “Super T” into a reality, he built my muscles up and dropped my body fat tremendously. Now no matter where I go I’m often receiving compliments on my back, arms and legs. If he did it for me…I know he could do the same for you.

Darryl I can’t thank you enough…you are my SUPERHERO and I’m proud to have you on Team Tadda. No Mess