About Ashley

In 2009 Ashley attended a TFC banquet with her mom Patricia Webb-McQueen (Pat) who had just completed a 6 week bootcamp. See prior to Ashley’s mom joining TFC, Pat’s husband/Ashley’s father passed away. Pat found that TFC got her mind off of things and helped her grieve more effectively.

Ashley joined TFC in 2009 excited about the changes she saw in her mom and the family atmosphere she witnessed at the TFC banquet. Ashley did exceptionally well in the bootcamp that I featured her before and after pics in our newsletter. She went from our yellow team to our red team. She lost 7% body fat, lost over 20+LBs and 5” in her waist.

Ashley and I have always had an inside joke. She would say, “you know I’m one of your secret trainers”.

Ashley did so well in the bootcamp that her sister Melanie joined the bootcamp in tow with her two children as well as Ashley’s then boyfriend but now husband, Jarrod.

Ashley married the love of her life in 2011 and as life was starting to normalize after the death of her father, tragedy struck this family once again. Ashley’s sister Melanie was murdered by Melanie’s husband.

Ashley being the only other sibling and a newlywed she was put to the test. Without questioning Ashley and her Husband, Jarrod took in their niece, Nia 7 yrs old and nephew, Donovan 1 yrs old. No children of their own they had to adjust quickly to a family of four.

Fast forward to 2017. Ashley came to me excited about her Spin certification and as luck would have it, we were looking for another spin instructor. What Ashley once was speaking into existence of being my “secret trainer” is now becoming a reality. Congrats to her husband Jarrod on completing this current bootcamp and being promoted to our yellow team. You did amazing.

Wondering how life had been going I asked Ashley how has she coped juggling the deaths, the children/family etc. She said the song/lyrics to Just Fine by Mary J. Blige is her anthem and with the grace of God she knows she will be Just Fine. She says:

My dad is gone, however he raised me well, I’m doing Just Fine.

My sister was murdered, she’s now all of our angel, I’m doing Just Fine.

I’m raising my niece and nephew, My Children, who has brought me so much joy. I’m doing Just Fine. The kids are now 12 and 6 years, smart, happy and healthy.

Lastly I have the continued love of my mom and husband. I’m doing things I always wanted to do and I’m doing Just Fine.

Ashley is new to teaching and doing amazing…however Ashley is one of TFC’s OG’s so she was made for this!!! I’m forever grateful for your family continuous support over the years. Your smile and humor is infectious. I love you Ashley thank you sharing and inspiring others to know that there is life after tragedy. The best is yet to come cause I know we will be Just Fine. No Mess