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Drop Your Mic

As we end another amazing six week bootcamp the phrase “Quitters never win and Winners never quit” comes to mind.  I have witnessed all age and fitness levels come through our bootcamp and there is something to this phrase.  Let me first define “Winning”. For me, winning means accomplishing a long-sought after goal. It means […]

Stop making Excuses

Make Time of Make Excuses

Today, I was speaking with one of our online bootcamp members, I check her meal plan booklet daily. She seemed to be doing great with her food, so I asked how her were workouts going. She stated not so well, my job has me working 12-16 hours a day. I know how important our jobs […]

Tips for Entreprenerus

Don’t Get Your Feathers Wet

  An eagle is hands down one of the most powerful and feared birds in the sky. The golden eagle has a wingspan ranging from 72 to 84 inches and weighs 7 to 14 pounds. It feeds on rabbits, squirrels and hares, but has also been known to snatch up foxes, livestock, and even adult […]


Audition for your Life

During this morning’s 5AM workout I was very hyped and one of my clients stated, “What did you eat this morning? I need some of that.” I quickly responded, “LIFE!” Every day that we wake up is a blessing. We must remember, we only get one body and every day that the good Lord sees […]


Warming up an old car is much like warming up a body

  “Warming up an old car is much like warming up a body” This winter season is truly showing Georgians what being cold to the bone really means. Yesterday after being outside for the 5AM and 7AM bootcamp sessions in 30-degree weather it was time for me to train with my personal trainer. It was […]


Have a No Mess Year

January 12, 2018 “Have a NO MESS Year” Happy No Mess New Year. The New Year means nothing if your mind is still boxed up in its comfort zone. During our Thursday circuit training session, I kept saying “Get your mind right”. I could tell by looking at many of my client’s faces as I […]