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5 Steps to a better you in 2019

 5 Steps to a Better you in 2019 As you look back over 2018 I want you to walk over to the mirror of Authenticity…your Soul’s Mirror. This mirror shows the reflection of yourself when you feel no one is looking, your true essence and ask yourself these simple questions.  Are you happy with what […]

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Are you on a Merry or Misery-Go-Round?

I remember growing up in Detroit and looking forward to going to the State Fair every year. My day at the Fair was not complete until I had a corn dog, cotton candy and a ride on the merry-go-round. A smile crosses my face as I reminisce on how much joy it brought me and […]

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CBD OIL and Yoga. How they both can help you?

When I first partnered with Dr. G she introduced me to CBD Oil. Dr. G has lupus and stated that it does wonders for her joint pain and I became interested in what it could do for me. My intrigue led me to continue to do my own research. What I learned made me want […]