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  • Are you on a Merry or Misery-Go-Round?

    Are you on a Merry or Misery-Go-Round?

    I remember growing up in Detroit and looking forward to going to the State Fair every year. My day at the Fair was not complete until I had a corn dog, cotton candy and a ride on the merry-go-round. A smile crosses my face as I reminisce on how much joy it brought me and my family. Merry means to be cheerful and lively. I don’t know too many people who go to a State Fair and are in misery, yet many of us live on a misery-go round all year long. What does your experience of life feel like? Is it merry or is it misery? Ask yourself why your life is where it is. Are you living the life you planned or are you off track? One of the most common reasons for feeling off track is when ....

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  • What did you put into it?

    What did you put into it?

    What ever happened to good old hard work? We live in an immediate gratification, microwave, fast food society. If we want a cup of coffee, we drive through a Starbucks. So why would the idea of being successful be any different? We attempt the path of least resistance when it comes to achieving success. We look for the latest weight loss scheme and call ourselves fitness pros or pray and hope for somebody to run our business for us and then call ourselves entrepreneurs. So, I ask you, “What did you put into it?” One of my business mentors introduced me to a fellow female entrepreneur who was asking questions about an organization (Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity ....

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  • How to listen to your body?

    How to listen to your body?

    We hear this often and as a matter of fact, I tell my clients this all the time, “Listen to your body!” We should follow how we feel, right? But what does that really mean? And how do we do it? When most people wake from a long sleep they automatically stretch some part of their body. This is a normal subconscious act of listening to what your body needs. After the first week of bootcamp most of my clients are extremely sore so I tell them to soak in Epsom salt, get a therapeutic massage, use Biofreeze and/or take some Motrin. These may not be things you thought about doing however they are all conscious acts that will help to make you feel better. One of my new clients on ....

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  • Protect Your Peace

    Protect Your Peace

    Peace…It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -Author Unknown This week I experienced a huge revelation and it came in a form of a young man I was interviewing. Before I get to that part of the story there were several things that led up to him. Four different clients confided in me how they really didn’t want to come workout. One stated “my husband has cancer and has been in a lot of pain, many nights we’re up all night” and “although I love working out I have been exhausted however every time I feel that way I still muster up the ....

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  • CBD OIL and Yoga. How they both can help you?

    CBD OIL and Yoga. How they both can help you?

    When I first partnered with Dr. G she introduced me to CBD Oil. Dr. G has lupus and stated that it does wonders for her joint pain and I became interested in what it could do for me. My intrigue led me to continue to do my own research. What I learned made me want to try CBD oil even more. I’ve tried CBD Oil in a drink, a vegan brownie and have taken the drops of oil straight and let me tell you, it’s awesome. I immediately felt a calmness come over me. I felt an aura that is hard to describe. I didn’t feel drowsy or sleepy. I experienced clarity and alertness. It gave me the same feeling I have after doing yoga, a sense of peace. So, I said how could I introduce this ....

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  • Do you have the WILL? TFC has the WAY!

    Do you have the WILL? TFC has the WAY!

    Lately I’ve seen a change in many of my clients, friends and family members. Where once they were excited about losing weight and getting healthy, for whatever reasons they have lost their Will or the Way. Sometimes in life we have the will, but we can’t find the way. At other times, presumably, we know the way, but we can’t seem to muster the will. In either case, getting from wherever we are to some place better can be our biggest challenge in life. How do we get from here to there? How do we find both the will and the way? At 17 years old I was the first in my family to go off to college. My mother and grandparents drove me to Tuskegee University (TU) beaming with ....

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