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If we knew all the answers there would be no need for instructions, right? How many times in your life have you purchased a product that said assembly required, you quickly opened the package pushed the instructions to the side and proceeded to put the product together on your own? However, halfway through the job you realize you have no idea what you’re doing. It is then that you go to the instructions and finish successfully. Sound familiar? This method may have worked a few times in your life but trust me not following instructions can become time consuming and not cost effective.

We’re visual people so we look at a picture and figure we know how the product was put together or at least how to get to the end result. In our minds, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. This saying may be true if you had all the time in the world. Instructions are written to help you save time, teach you to do something you have never done before and to make sure the task is done right and with quality. This same thing holds true when it comes to losing weight, losing body fat, eating healthy and toning.

This week as I was reviewing one of my male client’s nutritional meal plan booklet, I saw he was no longer eating any carbs. For the last 5 weeks of the bootcamp I have been on him about eating more calories, more vegetables and drinking more water. And now he has removed all carbohydrates. When I asked him why, he said, “I figured I didn’t need them”. Not only is he delaying his fitness results, but as a registered nurse, he’s causing deficiencies and more stress within his body. So, to be clear, good carbs are key for maximum energy, speed, stamina, concentration, recovery and better fluid balance. They are vital for athletes and active individuals because they are the primary fuel for your body. Think of carbohydrates as the gas needed to fuel a car. Without gas, a car won’t run. Likewise, without carbohydrates, your body will not have the fuel it requires to support your daily mental and physical activities.

My nutritional meal plan has been proven to help many people learn how to eat healthy, lose massive weight/body fat and to tone as well. All we need to do is follow the instructions…Now let’s be clear, I didn’t say following the instructions would be easy but once you embrace a healthier lifestyle your weight loss will become more apparent and your results will be easier to maintain.

When you don’t give something the proper effort, often the results are temporary and not satisfactory. Then you find yourself back in the position that you started in and must do it all over again. If you are not doing a task “right the first time” it often creates more work for you in long run. Losing weight and getting in shape is already a timely process why make it even longer. Can I Get It? No Mess