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I had an “aha” moment this week while speaking to a boot camp client that had been gone for several years and stated, “I had to come back to the only place that truly educates on a lifestyle change and not quick weight loss. I wasn’t ready to learn and apply then; however, I am ready now!”

When she first joined the boot camp some years ago, she asked me, “How long will I have to exercise and eat healthy?” I replied, “FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” She was not happy with my response, but she signed up for her first bootcamp and did great, losing 17 pounds. She was super excited and immediately signed up for her second bootcamp. Because she “only” lost 9 pounds in that camp, she felt as if she was not making progress fast enough, even though I explained to her that this was a normal progression and that she was doing great. By her third bootcamp, she lost another 5 pounds by midpoint. She soon became very discouraged and began to fall off during the bootcamp by not bringing in her nutritional meal plan journal anymore, missing days and, eventually, not showing up at all. She never considered all her progress: getting stronger, running faster, becoming more flexible and, not to mention, she had lost a total of 31 pounds, several inches, and body fat all within 15 weeks.

She said when she left TFC, she went from gym to gym, diet to diet, and excuse to excuse. She said she continued to follow Tadda’s Fitness on social media and witnessed my struggles/injuries and how I always seem to bounce back better and stronger than ever. She said she watched other bootcamp members, that she started with, become amazing trainers. She said she often wondered if she had never stopped how much healthier she would have become and how much more weight she would have lost instead of gaining. She said, “It took me some years, more weight gain, depression and being placed on high blood pressure medication to realize, I cannot out train bad eating habits and that fitness is truly FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!”

While processing her journey, I compared it to the Five Stages of Grief:

At first, we tend to deny that exercising and eating healthy must be a lifetime commitment and a lifestyle change in order to achieve and maintain our goals. Many people set unrealistic goals, expecting to lose a crazy amount of weight in a short amount of time for a vacation, a milestone birthday, to be summertime fine, etc. I often say, “The weight did not get there overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight!”

At this point, the person may be furious for letting themselves go and allowing excuses to take over their lives. Angry because they are diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol diabetes or other comorbidities. Angry that most of them did this to themselves. The good news is, there is always light at the end of a tunnel. If you are diagnosed with any of these comorbidities, you and only you can help change it.


There are no shortcuts in life, many people think that they can substitute one for another and achieve long lasting results. We like to bargain by saying things like, “Let me just exercise and I can still eat whatever I like.” We must remember that there is no magic pill, wrap or device that will give us lasting results. Only hard work, sacrifice, and consistency will aid in our success. As we age, our bodies are not as forgiving, especially when we continue to abuse them with lack of rest, nutrition, and exercise.

Depression leads to the big “D’s” – Decreased motivation, Decreased self-esteem, Decreased activities and the feeling of total DEFEAT! Many people like to live in this phase for the pity party. They like to live in an injury, blame their lack of activity on their family, kids, finances, or job, or use any other excuse they can. I am here to tell you, the pity party has been canceled. The sooner you get the message, the sooner you can get to the next stage and results.

To reach our goals we need to get all A’s. First, let go of the Anger. Second, Acknowledge that you must do things differently to get different results. Then, become Accountable for all of your Actions. And finally, maintain an Active lifestyle. Can I Get It!!! No Mess!

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