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Do you know what the top two barriers are for NOT achieving your weight loss or fitness goals? Fear and negative thinking. Your body is capable; it’s your mind that needs the training.

I am grateful for my clients that are transparent when I talk to them. Many people will give you excuse after excuse which will never allow us to get to the real source of the problem, and that is FEAR. Just this week, three clients all referenced the word “FEAR” in one way or another, and it caused them not to achieve their goals.

First client: “I didn’t run my final 2-mile run because I was scared that I wouldn’t do better.”

Second client: “I didn’t finish the last week of bootcamp because my home scale didn’t show any improvements.”

Third client: “I am only 38 years old. I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and I have recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I’ve been following TFC for years on social media, but I’m scared to join your bootcamp because I am afraid of being last and disappointing you.”

News Flash…

Finishing what you started is always better than quitting!

For all my scale watchers, if you only think success happens on a scale, you will never achieve true health and fitness success. A scale will never show you non-scale victories. Just this past Friday, a new client finished the bootcamp with losing only one pound. Many people would be mad and feel that they didn’t accomplish anything. I LOVED her response when she looked at her entire stat sheet, recapped how much better and more mobile she is now compared to six weeks ago. She lost 2% body fat which is huge, lots of inches, increased in all areas of her PT Test and her before and after picture blew her to tears. You could truly see a huge difference.

Our motto at TFC is “Fitness Starts from Within,” as an Emergency Medicine, RN. My goal is to get us healthy from the inside out. If you already, at such a young age, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and are pre-diabetic, worrying about being last in a group shouldn’t be your biggest concern…having a heart attack, stroke, becoming diabetic or passing away way too early should be!

Lastly, our bootcamp is not a competition with anyone but yourself. It’s not about being last or first, our camp is about self-improvement and self-love. I could never be disappointed in anyone who is trying. It’s when you quit and give up on yourself that I become disappointed.

I personally have fallen more times than I can count, but my faith is stronger than this world. I serve a God that believes in second, third and beyond chances. So as long as He gives me breath and strength in my body, I will continue to push and take care of my temple.

We often like to make life more complicated than it is, but trust me now, and thank me later. All battles are won from the inside out. Let me explain: The mind is your battleground — It’s the place where the fiercest and most ruthless conflict resides, where half of the things you feared were going to happen, never actually happen, where your expectations always get the best of you, and where you fall victim to your own train of thought, time and time again.

If you allow these self-defeating thoughts to dwell in your mind, they will succeed in robbing you of peace, joy, productivity, success, and ultimately, your life.

Bottom line: You are what you think! You can’t change anything in your life if you can’t change your thinking.

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